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Botox is used in cosmetic medicine to erase wrinkles remarkably well on the upper part of the face: horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines (vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows), and crow’s feet wrinkles (fine lines in the outer corner of the eyelids, towards the temples).

Botox temporarily blocks the motor command of the muscles that create these wrinkles. The results can be seen in two stages:

  • one to three days after the treatment, the muscle treated no longer contracts, or much less (depending on the required effect, which the practitioner can control with the dosage): the wrinkle no longer occurs during facial expressions, although the face retains its normal shape and does not appear fixed.
  • two months afterwards, the skin now prevented from wrinkling overly can be repaired using cosmetic hydrating creams: fine lines disappear, leaving a nice smooth forehead.


Botox      Botox     

Botox should be considered as a preventative and curative treatment for wrinkles, becoming progressively permanent: at the outset, the muscles are still strong, because they have been called on to make facial expressions. Think of the long-term effect of Botox as “the opposite of doing sport”: now forced to relax, the muscles will relax and lose their strength, although they are not destroyed (as is the case with a leg in plaster: when the plaster is removed, the muscles have melted away on account of remaining immobilised).

The first Botox treatment will have a visible effect for 4 to 6 months on average. The next will last 7 to 9 months, with the third sometimes lasting for over a year...

This treatment, properly conducted, presents no risk and is reversible should you wish to stop.

See the gallery of photos below, giving you an idea of the results possible before and after treatment:


Botox   Botox



Botox   Botox



Botox   Botox



Botox   Botox

Result with Botox alone: the forehead is now nice and smooth. The 2 lines between the eyebrows may disappear completely if a little more plumping product is injected: the result will then be impeccable.

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