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Breast augmentation - Breast Prostheses



Small or “emptied” breasts can recover their pretty curves through a procedure with minimal risk and concealed scars:  breast augmentation by inserting breast prostheses.

a) Types of prostheses


  • Anatomical: drop-shaped

Chirurgie mammaire

  • Round


Chirurgie mammaire

          Our choice:  round prostheses that do not risk turning and in particular that produce a better cleavage.


  • Smooth: surface that is totally smooth to the touch
  • Textured: surface that is soft to the touch, with fine bumps.

           Our choice: textured prostheses, because there is less risk of a shell forming around the prosthesis.


  • physiological liquid: used in particular in the United States; the prosthesis can be filled to a greater or lesser extent, but when palpated, it feels like a “water mattress”.
  • Silicone: virtually always chosen in Europe, because it feels like a real breast to the touch.
    NB: it is no longer silicone oil that can leak if the prosthesis is ruptured, but a block of silicone gel that holds together (cohesive gel).


  • In the armpit: always visible in a low-cut dress or swimsuit and less easy to place the prosthesis under the muscle.
  • Under the areola: visible line at the front of the breast, because the procedure leaves a fine white line. Also, the edge of the areola is rarely a clear-cut line. Requires passing through the breast to place the prosthesis.
  • Under the breast: in the infra-mammary fold. The least visible. Allows good access to place the prosthesis under the muscle, without touching the breast.

b) Types of procedure

  • Under the breast: the prosthesis is placed under the breast but in front of the muscle. The skin has to support the real breast and the prosthesis: less beautiful and the result is less durable.
  • Under the muscle: the prosthesis is under the breast and under the muscle: the ideal solution. The prosthesis is held by the muscle and cannot drop, hence achieving a stable, long-term result.

c) The best results – our choices

We would therefore usually choose prostheses that are round, textured, filled with a cohesive silicon gel, with a reinforced wall and filling patch. Whenever possible, we place prostheses behind the muscle through a small scar 3 to 4 cm long, situated under the breast.

Do not hesitate to contact our Centre on +32 (0)65 630 630 for more information about breast augmentation & prostheses.