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Liposuction - Liposculpture

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LiposuccionLiposuction is used when treatment large volumes.

Liposculpture is more of a fine adjustment to the body shape, even in patients who are very slim. Liposculpture techniques are used increasingly in liposuction to obtain a much better result with regular treatment and effective action on slackened skin.


  • ARMS
  • NECK
  • THIGH: inside of thigh, back of thigh
  • BACK
  • BREASTS (in men)
  • HIPS




Conventional liposuction is carried out using a cannula mounted on a simple sleeve connected to the vacuum tube. This requires the doctor who is operating to make a strong back-and-forth movement to extract the fat trapped between the fibres supporting the subcutaneous tissue. The fatigue caused limits the quantity of fat that can be aspirated, while the strength required can diminish the accuracy of the movement.

Vibro-liposuction° is the most modern and effective technique: a device called the LIPOMATIC° will give the Liposuccionaspirating cannula a small back-and-forth movement that facilitates the penetration of the cannula through the fibrous partition of fatty tissue, as well as a vibration to the tip of the cannula that enables the small blood vessels to be pushed aside without injuring them. Hence the total absence of haematomas at the end of the treatment.


Three types of anaesthesia are possible for liposuction:

General anaesthetic

Comfortable for the patient, but with a number of drawbacks, including the risks inherent to a general anaesthetic. Restriction of the areas treated, because the person is lying down, either on their back or their front, but cannot be turned during the procedure. Often requires hospitalisation.


Practical and fast, but requires the patient to be accompanied on the day of the procedure as an altered state or nausea may persist for some time after waking up.

Local infiltration of Klein’s solution

If administered properly, this alone allows excellent numbness in small or large areas, thereby reducing the risk of anaesthesia to the minimum. Clearly, a person who is speaking calmly with the doctor or assistant during the procedure will do well clinically. Also, to avoid any pain during the procedure, working gently with fine cannulas needs to be achieved, as this also reduces any post-operative pain. This option is very often chosen by patients who wish to resume working immediately, such as self-employed workers, doctors or nurses for the same reasons, as well as individuals not wishing to undergo a general anaesthetic or who wish to take themselves to the medical centre, or if age and medical history justify it.


A simple telephone call will enable you to contact the practice secretary or doctor, who will be able to taken on your case: this will give you any initial answers to your questions. You will then be offered a first consultation, which is free of charge and without obligation, to determine the areas to be treated, draw up a detailed cost estimate, explain in detail the technique used for the procedure, follow-up and the results that might reasonably be expected based on the condition of the skin and the volumes to be aspirated.


You will be seen again after one and three weeks, then after two to three months. A consultation at your request will be allowed at no extra charge and you always have the ability to contact personally the doctor who operated on you.


A cost estimate is drawn up. This takes the form of a set fee, so there are no surprises. It includes the pre- and post-procedure consultations, the procedure itself and lipo-panties of superior quality (Premium).

  • Basic price for the first area to be treated (all-inclusive): €1,350.00
  • Additional area (includes both sides): +€250.00
  • After four areas, one area may be treated at no cost

The number of locations may be limited as part of the same procedure, if the volume to be extracted is very large.


  • Belly + Stomach + Waist + Hips: €1850.00
  • Inside thighs + inside knees + backs of thighs + Outer thighs: €1850.00
  • Outer thighs + Hips: €1600.00
  • For men: Belly + Stomach + Waist + Love handles: €1850.00
  • For men: Belly + Stomach + Waist + Love handles + Breasts: €2100.00
  • Double chin: €650.00
  • Arms: €850.00

Do not hesitate to contact our Centre on +32 (0)65 630 630 for more information about liposuction.

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