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Medium peels

Peeling moyenMEDIUM PEELS, mainly TCA (trichloroacetic acid):

Concentrations vary between 15 and 50%. They can be used for shallow lesions and are without risk. These are medical peels only.

We use concentrations of 18 to 30% (a single peel of 18%, properly done, gives more results than 4 times one of 15%, and the peel is only done once).

The full face, including around the eyes and neck, will be treated in one stage.

The result on lines, the brightness of the skin, dilated pores, acne or varicose vein scars, pigmentation marks, stretch marks, etc. is exceptional.

Thus far, we have not observed any lasting secondary effects after these types of peel. On the other hand, the patient needs to be able to endure the application of acid to the face for one to two minutes, which burns severely. But the application of a treatment cream immediately afterwards soothes 100%.

There is no pain to fear afterwards (it is easier to manage 2 unpleasant minutes in the presence of a doctor than to be sore at home hours afterwards).

You also need to accept that the skin will be very dry for a few days and then another 4 days during which the skin ‘peels’ (comparable to your shoulder peeling after sunburn). In all, a week when you won’t want to go out, even though there is no scabbing and you are not disfigures (plan to take a week off work).


  • Do not pick off the flakes of peeling skin, otherwise there may be small pink marks left on the face (no risk, but takes longer to look good again!). Allow the skin to peel gently.


These peels

After exactly 7 days, the skin becomes magnificent, with an even more beautiful glow after 15 days.




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