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Stretch marks


If the skin has “cracked” during too rapid growth or as the result of sudden weight gain (such as pregnancy), linear scar lesions remain for life: these are stretch marks.

Not all skins are at risk of stretch marks, but this is certainly the case in skins lacking elasticity.


As stretch marks are there for life, it is important to prevent them as much as possible, particularly when they first become apparent when growing, in adolescence and when breasts start developing.

“Anti-stretch mark creams”

Anti-stretch mark creams are only (relatively) effective for prevention. They need to be applied frequently and to all areas at risk (belly, buttocks, breasts, etc.). Once stretch marks appear, they are indelible and all creams will do is have a hydrating effect.

Creams never make stretch marks disappear; they don’t even lessen them!

Medical treatments

The medical treatments offered in cosmetic medicine can reduce stretch marks (not make them disappear!). Nevertheless, the results can be remarkable.

  • Medical pulsed light machines (AFT) operating on a wavelength of 540 nm will remove the red or violet colouration of some fairly recent stretch marks: excellent results in 1 to 4 sessions in any event.
  • Peels using TCA acid associated with light mechanical abrasion and
  • The Erbium Pixel laser will be very effective for reducing even old stretch marks gradually in fortnightly or monthly sessions, as well as white lines, hollow and wide. A minimum of 3 to 4 sessions will be carried out, but the patient can go as far as 20 sessions or more as any improvement is objective.


See the gallery of photos below, giving you an idea of the results possible before and after treatment:


Traitement vergetures    Traitement vergetures


Surgical treatment

The surgical treatments available as cosmetic surgery may sometimes be necessary: as part of an abdominal or breast lift, the maximum amount of skin affects by stretch marks will be removed during the operation.



Do not hesitate to contact our Centre on +32 (0)65 630 630 for more information about stretch marks.

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