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After the procedure, you can go home. The anaesthesia to the areas of your body treated requires a large quantity of liquid to be infiltrated under the skin through small entry points. This liquid will seep out through these little points on the day of the procedure, the following night and the day after before stopping spontaneously.

This liquid, based on physiological liquid and a little anaesthetic, will contain a few drops of blood, which completely colours it red… There will be quite a lot of it, but there is nothing to worry about because you are not bleeding! On the contrary, the fact that the liquid is seeping out means a good quantity of it can be eliminated rapidly and hence reduce post-operative swelling. As this liquid is coloured, we recommend wearing dark clothing on the day of the procedure, and a large undersheet or plastic sheet to protect your mattress on the first night.

To enable it to recover, the skin requires that you wear an elastic containment garment called lipo-panties, day and night, for just three weeks. These panties, if selected properly – we use them in Premium quality – are very comfortable. You will not need to buy them as they will be supplied to you and put on for you at the end of the procedures, along with tips for use.


You can usually go back to work the following day or the day after that.

However, after a procedure to the belly, you are recommended not to spend hours in a sitting position or leaning forward, so that the skin is nice and tight underneath the panties and does not become creased. You are recommended to keep moving about and carry out your normal activities.

You can start walking again immediately and swimming is allowed once you stop wearing the panties after three weeks. Other non-violent sports are also allowed. You can resume sports indoors using a saddle or cycling again two months after undergoing surgery to the inside of the thighs.

Horse-riding should not be resumed for two to three months if you have had liposuction to the outside of the thighs.

Do not hesitate to contact our Centre on +32 (0)65 630 630 for more information about useful tips following liposuction.

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