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VibroliposuccionA customised body shape thanks to the latest advances in liposuction and liposculpture.

Liposculpture todays uses increasing less invasive and safe techniques.

This is certainly the case with VIBRO-LIPOSUCTION with the Lipomatic (liposuction liposculpture).

Performed under local anaesthetic and with no hospitalisation required, this technique has been used for two years now and has demonstrated its superiority over all others: greater speed, efficacy and safety. Using a little “nutation” (wobbling) movement (back and forth and sideways), the probe emulsifies the fat, making it easier to aspirate it while safeguarding the surrounding tissue. This is one of its major attractions.

After making an appointment with the doctor who specialises in this technique of liposuction liposculpture, you are given a complete assessment of the areas that can be treated with vibro-liposuction: chin, arms, belly, hips, thighs, knees and calves, etc. All of which are areas that often resist even the most drastic diets. The doctor will then give you a cost estimate for the procedure that you wish to have. After giving it considered thought, you can fix a date with the doctor for the procedure. You will then receive the pre-operative instructions that you must follow to the letter.

On the day of the vibro-liposuction procedure, everything will run smoothly. After the photo session (souvenirs!) and marking the areas to be treated, you are taken to the operating theatre and placed on the operating table. The nurse will prepare you for the procedure and install monitoring devices. After a local tumescent local anaesthetic, you will have the impression of becoming rounder – which is true, because a local swelling appears. This is caused by the anaesthetic fluid that also prepares the fat to be aspirated.

Once the area is anaesthetised, very fine, very short incisions are made to insert the vibro-liposuction probe. The sensation feels strange, but is totally painless, with continuous vibration continue matching the purr of the aspirator. The first globules of fat are then sucked in a long line through a tube into the aspiration vessel. Slowly, at the pace of the vibrations, the doctor’s micro-pumping movements and the gentle aspiration, the level of fatty liquid in the bottle increases.

Throughout the procedure, the doctor checks his work and, once the aim has been reached, the incisions, which are virtually invisible, are closed and cover with a dressing. A pair of lipo-panties, essential for a month, will ensure that the scarring process proceeds properly and the skin is maintained. And we are still just a few hours after the time you first arrived with us, ready for your surgery!

Thanks to this new technique of vibro-liposuction, recovery is fast and the results are quickly evident. A quick check-up at ten and thirty days afterwards and you are ready for the gaze of the world.



Do not hesitate to contact our Centre on +32 (0)65 630 630 for more information about vibro-liposuction.

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