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Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a plumping agent that occurs naturally in the skin.

This product, manufactured in the laboratory (i.e. not made from animals) is absorbed 100% thanks to an enzyme in the skin: hyaluromidase.

The time the injected product will last depends on the molecule used:

  • Small, short chains degrade quickly (1 to 2 months) and are only used for mesotherapy of the face to give a hydrating effect.
  • Longer chains will last longer, especially if they are ‘reticulated’, linked together by molecular points.
  • Reticulated chains, producing molecules like little sponges, capturing the extra-cellular water in the skin, hydrate and take on good volume, while remaining supple to the touch. Hence the very natural result after treatment.

We use Juvéderm Ultra° virtually exclusively. This is the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of hyaluronic acid (it also contains a little lidocaine, an anaesthetic that makes the injection more comfortable). The result lasts for longer than a year if the injection is properly done.

INDICATIONS: anywhere VOLUME is required.


  • Deep wrinkles and folds:
  - nasolabial folds (between the base of the nose and the corners of the mouth on each side)
    - bitterness lines (giving a sad look to the corners of the mouth)
  • Hollow scars
  • Thin lips, ‘sunshine lines’
  • Hollow shadows
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Oval of the face


Do not hesitate to contact our Centre on +32 (0)65 630 630 for more information about hyaluronic acid.