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Numerous small injections are made targeting the areas affected by cellulite or where the aim is to reduce the volume.

The products injected destroy the adipocytes (fatty cells) producing a long-lasting result.

We use recognised and registered medication only, including Lipostabil° (soy phospholipid) and theophylline.


Mésothérapie cellulite à Mons


The treatment of cellulite is in four stages:

Cellulite is caused by altered fatty tissue, usually infiltrated with water. This is the result of a number of factors, including poor arterial or venous circulation, hormonal disorders, lymphatic drainage problems, etc.

Cellulite is due to the excessive of fat in the adipocytes. By feeding to excess on lipids, these cellules swell up and hypertrophise, sometimes to a very significant extent. The compression of the blood and lymphatic vessels caused by this voluminous mass of fat causes water to drain poorly and toxins to stagnate in the tissues. The subsequent swelling and degenerescence of the fibres in the connective tissue give the skin its irregular, leather-like appearance known as “orange-peel” skin.


1. Decongestant treatment of lipoedemas

MésothérapieThe first stage of the effective treatment of cellulite consists of eliminating the excess water accumulated so that the oedema can be resorbed and swelling of the tissue reduced.





2. Restoration of an efficient micro-circulation

MésothérapieCellulite is the hypertrophy of the adipose tissue, usually associated with problems of the circulation. The adipocytes swollen by an excessive accumulation of fat compress the arterial, venous and lymphatic networks surrounding them. 

It is therefore important to ensure that an effective micro-circulation is restored in order to re-establish the tissue exchanges (nutritional supply, elimination of waste, storage and retrieval, etc.) which ensure that the tissue functions properly.



3. Lipolysis

Theophylline, like its analogues caffeine and aminophylline, acts by inhibiting phosphodiesterase (PDE). This maintains a high level of cyclic AMP, which stimulates the natural mechanisms of lipolysis in adipocytes (cf. Fig. 4).

Mésothérapie Fig. 4

Once released, the short-chain fatty acids pass into the circulation, whereas the long-chain fatty acids bind with the albumin. The free fatty acids can then be used as a source of energy by all tissues, with the exception of the brain and erythrocytes. Their degradation is particularly intensive in the liver if there are high plasmatic levels (cf. Fig. 5).

 MésothérapieFig. 5

4. Restructure and protection of connective tissue

MésothérapieFig. 6


See the gallery of photos below, giving you an idea of the results possible before and after treatment:

Meso Cellulite    Meso Cellulite


Meso Cellulite


   Meso Cellulite



Hair loss and areas of alopecia (except for androgenic alopecia in men) can be treated with small injections into the scalp. Hair loss stops from the first session and then a maintenance dose will be delivered at 15 day intervals, then after a month while the hair regrows.


Do not hesitate to contact our Centre on +32 (0)65 630 630 for more information about mesotherapy.