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RadiofréquenceThe new radiofrequency machines are particularly effective at restretching the skin on the face and eliminating cellulite (it is the only technique that delivers genuine results particularly quickly).

We have two types of machine:

  • 3DEEP


The passage of time has an effect on the elasticity and quality of the skin on the face and body: wrinkles and cellulite (resulting from pregnancy, weight gain and age).

The slackness of the skin can be improved using a new, non-invasive technique that uses the energy of radiofrequency: EndyMed 3DEEP. This treatment stimulates the production of new collagen fibres while at the same time contracting the fibres that have lost their tone.

Radiofrequency is an electromagnetic wave that makes it possible to heat, contract and renew collagen fibres in the dermis, as well as restore tone and other lost qualities to the skin in total safety.

3DEEP technology is based on multiple bipolar radiofrequency electrodes that deliver, totally safely and painlessly, energy to set, controlled depths.


The areas treated with 3DEEP:

  • The face: cheeks, neck (even difficult areas, such as the chin and jaw)

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  • The body: belly, arms, outer thighs, buttocks, thighs


3DEEP treatment: throughout the procedure, the deep layers of the skin are gradually heated, while the epidermis retains a temperature of couches 40°C (like a hot shower) and is kept under constant control. The treatment lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the areas being treated.

3DEEP treatment is painless, relaxing, has no secondary effects and leaves no unsightly marks.

3DEEP treatment requires a series of 6 sessions on average with an interval of 1 to 2 weeks. Improvements will become visible from the second session onwards. This process of producing new collagen will continue even after the end of the sessions.

Six months later, your skin will be even more beautiful!


Do not hesitate to contact our Centre on +32 (0)65 630 630 for more information about radiofrequency.

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